The Iron Throne has changed hands more than once since we started our experience at Westeros seven seasons past. However, like any game of musical chairs, its all about who is sitting down when the music ceases. In that vein, Las Vegas sportsbook Bovada has given odds on who will sit at the series’ end on the Iron Throne. Search for your favorite personality under:
Daenerys Targaryen (2:1)
Jon Snow (2:1)
Bran Stark (3.5:1)
The Night King (10:1)
Tyrion Lannister (12.5:1)
Cersei Lannister (15:1)
Jaime Lannister (15:1)
Sansa Stark (25:1)
Arya Stark (40:1)
Euron Greyjoy (50:1)
Varys (75:1)
Gendry (75:1)
Samwell Tarly (75:1)
Melisandre (100:1)
Theon Greyjoy (100:1)
Jaqen H’ghar (100:1)
Brienne of Tarth (100:1)
Jorah Mormont (100:1)
Bronn (100:1)
Tormund Giantsbane (100:1)
Davos Seaworth (100:1)
The Hound (100:1)
Gilly (100:1)
Daario Naharis (100:1)
Yara Greyjoy (100:1)
The Mountain (150:1)
As you can see, Daenerys and Jon stay the heavy favorites to rule out the Seven Kingdoms once the screen fades to black at the close of the Game of Thrones series finale. But, Bran’s right behind them, and it is a surprise; the guy’s got other priorities these days. The Night King landing in the spot is shocking. That surely would be something aside from a”fairy tale ending.”
Cersei did a remarkable job of holding the Iron Throne throughout season , so her odds seem a little low at 15:1. Jaime feels just a little off, too, since he’s not anywhere near as interested in ruling as his sister.
Interestingly, these chances change somewhat if you request bookies from the UK. Place your bets responsibly.
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